Elise TOUVAIS has been working at Haras des Rouges Terres since December 2016.

After a BAC L, and a DUT « Tec de co » in Caen, she pursued by the Alençon Pro license in Business Management of the Horse.

She is doing her internship in Ireland at a stud farm, where she stays 1 year and a half. She wanted to speak English!

She then stayed abroad in stud farms: in New Zealand, South Africa and Australia! Back in France, she worked on the preparation of yearlings at Haras de Monceaux, then in a stud farm in Tourgéville where she assisted the leader of the stud farm.

In December 2016, she arrived at Haras des Rouges Terres -Louis BAUDRON- : she managed the breeding and inseminations, with Martin who takes care of foaling and stallions.

Her daily life : care, contact with veterinarians, help with foaling if necessary, driving mares to breed … She likes contact with the horse, and this job is everything for her, except the routine!