Marine PIERRE, at the breeding for the season

Her journey

Marine has followed a classic course (a Bac S), she is from Sarthe (near Orne !).

She « bathes in horses » since childhood, her leisure ! She is currently training Shiatsu for horses, in Brittany, she has a memory to support!

Shiatsu is a principle of Chinese medicine, acupuncture without needles, to have a body as balanced as possible: it is points of pressure in specific places on horses.

Not used to being bored, in addition to the busy schedule at Haras, she is a supervisor at CFA Sées concomitantly.


His daily life at Haras?

Marine holds a position of « Groom », she takes care of the mares, takes them to the meadow, the gynecologist, the veterinarian … supervises the ovulations..wants the foals …

What she likes?

Being with horses, taking care of foals! A darling ? Out of 42 foals this year it’s hard to pick one! « I’m closer to those who have treatments, but now they spend more time in the meadow … »

« There is a good atmosphere at Haras, the team is friendly and swim » in the horses « I love! »