Accidentally disappeared this summer 2018, son of KAISY DREAM, the imposing model, he was very brave on the track, very trotter having a lot of passage in front. It is suitable for mares of not having too much model. Her foals are well proportioned and easy.


Earnings: 316.160 €

1st Prize of Berlin (gr.3) (Enghien)

1st Prize of the Com.-Communes (Rambouillet)

2nd Criterium of Youth Award (gr.1) (Vincennes)

2nd Prize Paul Karle (gr.2) (Vincennes)

2nd Prize of the Louvre (gr.3) (Enghien)

2nd Prix de Rome (gr.3) (Enghien)

2nd Prize of Geneva (gr.3) (Enghien)

2nd Prize of Janval (Vincennes)

2nd Prize of Dahlias (Vincennes)

3rd Criterium of the 4ans (gr.1) (Vincennes)

3rd Prize Pierre Plazen (gr.2) (Vincennes)

3rd Gaston Brunet Prize (gr.2) (Vincennes)

3rd Prize of Vicfezensac (Vincennes)

3rd Prize of Ferté Macé (Vincennes)

3rd Prix of the Champ de Mars (Enghien)

4th California Prize (gr.3) (Vincennes)

5th Prix Olry-Roederer (gr.2), Victor Régis (gr.2), Kalmia (gr.2), Jules Thibault (gr.2), Joseph Lafosse (gr.2) (Vincennes)